WORKSHOP! The Storm Whale In Winter

Back to The Bright Emporium this weekend for the next in my new series of Read! Make! Play! workshops. These combine drama, crafts and storytelling to bring the books from The Bright Emporium bookshelf to life!

This weekend was based on The Storm Whale In Winter by author / illustrator Benji Davies. He’s filled the pages with lots of lovely little details, so we had plenty of ideas to play with before creating picture book pages of our own!

The Storm Whale In Winter


After spending AGES building a cardboard piano for our last workshop, I resisted the INCREDIBLY TEMPTING urge to construct a giant lighthouse and instead collected some “props” from around my flat. Alongside lots of little handmade paper lighthouses and storm whales, I collected wooden spoons, pictures of the sea, a huge woolen blanket, hats, scarves and best of all, a giant roll of bright silver foamy radiator insulator foil (!). This became our terrifying frozen sea OF COURSE! which we all carefully crossed soundtracked by Vivaldi’s Winter from The Four Seasons, no less.


We also created a winter soundscape using four different noises to create the sound of a terrible storm. By the time we came to decorate our picture book pages, we had lots of ideas for how to draw and recreate the icy backdrop little Noi finds himself lost in later in the story.

The workshops are a strictly PAINT FREE zone but this week a rogue pot of blue glitter crept into our craft box. It was promptly discovered and Yup, they went everywhere. But on the plus side, four year old Monty insisted Noi’s long lost fisherman Dad would definitely be sporting a glitter cape when they were finally reunited.



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