WORKSHOP: Spooky spell books

Ahoy craft fans. Back to The Bright Emporium for a very special Halloween workshop! These are one off, themed craft workshops. But we still find room for drama! And with it being Halloween, I wouldn’t dare turn up without a costume…

With lots of lovely materials bought in advance I prepped a craft workshop titled ‘Spooky Spell Books’ based around these completely BEAUTIFUL wooden book boxes found on Amazon. We were all mega impressed when they turned up! Super super lovely quality.

A few days before, I made a test box. See the time lapse below!


Adorned in mystical finery, I became MISS KIM VON CACKLE and took a very early bus to The Bright Emporium. We decorated the space, set up and welcomed a horde of fantastical tiny friends inside.

As is so often the way, their books looked EVEN better than mine. This time we had some photos taken during the workshop, take a look below 🙂




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