Workshop: Poles Apart

With Christmas decorations freshly hung upon The Bright Emporium‘s walls Read! Make! Play! followed suit this weekend with my workshop based upon Poles Apart by Jeannie Willis and Jarvis.

Another workshop, another mini gif advert. Dudes, I’m really getting into these: LONG LIVE GIFS. Here’s the one I made to advertise Poles Apart, oh!


My workshops at The Bright Emporium use drama games and creative play to re-tell the story from one of the many beautiful picture books on The Emporium’s shelves.

Following the success of bird last week, I decided to make another puppet to help tell the Poles Apart story. Check out… hot air balloon fulla penguins!


After the drama, children take all their ideas over to the craft table where we make illustrated pages of our own using cut out characters from the book. A lot of snipping the night before the workshops et voila, a host of characters ready to stick and colour in:



Take a look at some of the work we produced below! This was my last Read! Make! Play! session of 2016 but I’m very pleased to say we’ve already started scheduling for 2017! Take a look at my workshop calendar to see what’s coming up in the new year 🙂


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